The Paris Session and global events

Worldwide programme of face to face and online events

CIGRE’s unique knowledge programme comes to life through its worldwide array of face to face and online events. International human interaction facilitates free exchange of knowledge within the CIGRE community.  For an introduction watch the video below or read on.

The Paris Session, The world’s leading global event for sharing power system expertise

Every two years, the world’s number one global power system event is run by CIGRE in Paris, France. Known as the Paris Session, this event attracts members from across the whole CIGRE community and is the culmination of the previous two years of the CIGRE knowledge programme. The Paris Session is unlike any other conference. It offers an in-depth interactive congress, following a rigorous process where, rather than being presented, hundreds of papers are collaboratively debated. Follow the links below for an explanation of this unique and highly stimulating thought leadership event.

At a glance

  • 3200+ delegates
  • 5000 industry participants
  • 90+ countries
  • Massive trade exhibit
  • 160+ working meetings
  • 30+ Study Committee sessions

The Paris Session stands alone for its unique role in the CIGRE knowledge programme

CIGRE’s other events include


Normally two Symposia are held in odd number years, in various countries where CIGRE is present. Symposia are coordinated by CIGRE’s Central Office, examining broad Reference Papers by international experts. They are normally based upon collaboration of 4 to 6 Study Committees.

Like the Paris Session, Symposia focus on specific subjects of topical interest. Papers are peer reviewed in advance by Study Committee international experts. Wrap up discussions are also held following presentations. However, Symposia are run more like an industry conference, with authors making 15 to 20 minute presentations of their papers to delegates.

Symposia typically are two day events attracting 500 to 800 delegates. The next Symposium, titled ‘Going off shore’, will be held in Denmark in 2019.


Colloquia are one day, topic specific conferences organised normally by a Study Committee in connection with a host NC, attracting 100 to 150 delegates. Although more focused, Colloquia also present only papers peer reviewed by Study Committee international experts.

There are potentially 16 Colloquia per year, but sometimes two or occasionally three Study Committees join to organise a Colloquium. The Colloquia are generally associated with the meeting of the Study Committees.

Macro-region and national events

Macro-regionalgroups organise regional events in a similar way to NCs. NCs and Working Groups in specific countries run local events such as conferences, workshops and tutorials. Unlike the Paris Session, Symposia and Colloquia, local events are driven mostly by topics of local concern, but papers presented are still peer reviewed by local experts and tutorials are normally presented by internationally recognised experts.

For more on CIGRE’s Paris Session and events download an info leaflet