“e-session 2020” Technical Program and Abstracts

9:00-10:00 OPENING
O1 New structures in transmission and distribution grids to implement the  “Clean Energy Package” Abstract
J. Kabouris, G. Christoforidis, K. Petsinis, N. Athanasiadis, V. Ziogas, M. Champakis
O2 Planning of the North-East Aegean and Dodecanese Islands Interconnections to the Continental Power System: Technical and Economic Assessment of Basic Interconnection Scenaria Abstract
M. Karystianos, C. Pitas, S. Efstathiou, M. Tsili, J. Mantzaris, E. Leonidaki, E. Voumvoulakis, N. Sakellaridis
O3 TSO/DSO Collaboration in Market Environment Abstract
N. Hatziargyriou, D. Trakas, A. Dimeas, E. Leonidaki, M. Voumvoulakis, M. Champakis
A1 Power adequacy solutions for Crete following its interconnection with the continental grid Abstract
A. Papakonstantinou, G. Psarros, S. Papathanassiou, N. Boulaxis, J. Anagnostopoulos
A2 Dynamic security and operation studies of Crete hybrid interconnection scheme  with AC and DC links Abstract
G. Tsourakis, B. Nomikos, M. Karystianos, J. Mantzaris, N. Sakellaridis
A3 Converter station equipment specifications of Attica – Crete HVDC interconnection Abstract
K. Leontaritis, A. Giotaki, S. Katemliadis
A4 Balancing Market in the context of Target Model Abstract
J. Kabouris, I. Skotinos
A5 Long run electricity generation expansion planning under wide scale penetration of Renewable Energy Sources Abstract
K. Tigas  C. Lambrou, G. Giannakidis, C. Nakos, P. Mandoulidis, A. Dimeas, E. Pirgioti, A. Alexandridis, J. Mantzaris
A6 Evaluating the potential substitution of lignite with waste derived fuel (RDF/SRF) under the decarbonizing context of Hellenic Power Sector Abstract
C. Psomopoulos, E. Kyriakis, K. Kalkanis, S. Kaminaris
B1 Technical requirements for the connection of EV chargers to electrical installations Abstract
E. Tasioulis, S. Papathanassiou
B2 HPS Tilos: A template of distributed generation and energy storage – Experience and Perspective Abstract
 M. Apostolidis, Z. Mantas, A. Kouri, Η. Kourelis,  K. Kaousias
B3 Implementation of smart autonomous micro-grid on remote isolated area – case study at Holy Great Monastery of Vatopedi Abstract
E. Vaitsopoulos, Z. Koutsogiannis, I. Deftereos, V. Liapis, I. Manousaridis
B4 The implementation of Regulation (EU) 631/2016 in planning of power systems with high-RES-penetration Abstract
B. Nomikos, M. Tsili, N. Zouros, S. Souflis, G. Tsourakis, M. Ntoukas, M. Karystianos
B5 Cybersecurity Analysis in Energy Control Centers Abstract
V. Boutlas, C. Stamatakis, G. Korres, N. Manousakis
B6 Enhancing Transmission Power System reliability through the activation of Distribution Network flexibilities Abstract
M. Sousounis, P. Dratsas, C. Kaskouras, A. Bachoumis,  C. Dikaiakos, G. Papaioannou
C1 Enhancing the distribution system resilience under wildfire threat with mobile resources Abstract
N.Hatziargyriou, D. Trakas
C2 Urban distribution network reconfiguration and modernization for energy losses reduction Abstract
Α. Zafeirakis, Ε. Voumvoulakis, Ε. Leonidaki, A. Pateronis
C3 Techno-economic assessment of the Net-Metering potential in University Campuses Abstract
Κ. Pippi T. Papadopoulos, G. Barzegkar-Ντovom, G. Kryonidis
C4 Intensified quality assurance tests on medium voltage composite insulators Abstract
C. Kokalis, V. Kontargyri, I. Gonos, K. Papailiou, A. Anagnostou, M. Champakis
C5 Diagnostic techniques for assessing the condition of composite insulators: The case study of transmission lines of Crete Abstract
N. Mavrikakis, K. Siderakis, D. Pylarinos, I. Pellas, E. Thalassinakis
C6 Achieving IT/OT Convergence at the Energy Sector Abstract
L. Zaimis
D1 Field measurements for the investigation of harmonic interactions during the energisation of the first phase of the Cycladic islands’ interconnection Abstract
Α. Neris, Α. Macos
D2 The replacement/upgrade project of the outdoor terminations of the 400kV EHV cable system at Unit V of Keratea-Lavrion Power Station Abstract
G. Vakrinos, S. Tsioumas, A. Moutsakis, V. Floridis, G. Schroeder, K. Kostidis, P. Papageorgiou, C. Katzilieris, F. Fotopoulos
D3 Assessing the inductive electromagnetic interference caused on a railway system by a nearby HVDC underground cable link Abstract
T. Papadopoulos, C. Charalambous, A. Dimitriou, C. Christodoulou, I. Gonos
D4 Installation and real-time operation of smart power flow controller on the Greek Transmission System Abstract
A. Stratigakos, K. Krommydas, C. Dikaiakos, G. Papaioannou, M. Karystianos, I. Gonos
D5 Application of smart on-line monitoring systems on autotransformers of the Greek Transmission System Abstract
S. Katemliadis, K. Leontaritis
D6 A study on power transformer condition using transformer oil analysis at Mazoon Electricity Company Abstract
Ahmed Al-Qanubi
D7 Natural esters as insulating oils. Current status and future trends and developments Abstract
I. Chronis, S. Kalogeropoulou, C. Psomopoulos
D8 Review on sensoring techniques for partial discharges detection in power transformers Abstract
D. Barkas, S. Kaminaris, N. Manousakis, A. Moronis, C. Psomopoulos